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  • The Broken Vessels

  • The Broken Vessels by Tiny Boats

    With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tiny Boats spent the better part of 2013 writing and recording their debut album. The band consists of Jesse Crowley (lead vocals, guitars) and Jason Jones (drums, keys, background vocals, & bass.) "Our musical relationship is incredibly synergistic," says Crowley. Jones agrees, "We each excel in our own areas of expertise, and between the two of us, I believe we've come up with an album that can connect on a variety of levels to everyone who listens to Tiny Boats."

    "During the winter of 2012, we started the project, and during the spring, summer, and fall of 2013, Jesse would write the lyrics, melody, chord progressions, and guitar parts, and I would orchestrate, arrange, and produce the rest of what the songs needed," says Jones.

    Crowley explains, "One of the things that Jason and I have often discussed while putting these songs together is that we've each independently felt compelled to put the necessary thought and effort into making this album the very best it can be. We both have a lot going on in our lives with various work, family, community, and church commitments, but we have made time to complete this album because of the compulsion we feel and because of how deeply connected to the songs we have become." He continues, "In the past couple years, I've seen a handful of really good friends of mine lose children to illness or complications from birth defects. Many of the songs on the album deal either directly or indirectly with these life experiences and the way that they force you to examine your own life and relationships. It is by far the most personal thing I've ever been a part of creating. We hope that people who listen will find their own way of relating to the music and the lyrics."

  • Tracklist

    01. Burn in the Sun
    02. Being and Doing
    03. The Cold Hard Stare
    04. Dead Planet Society
    05. I Built These Walls
    06. We Waited For Sunshine
    07. Today My Life Is Over
    08. Polaris
    09. Inverse Trajectory
    10. We Were Giants
    11. The Broken Vessels

    Released: February 4th, 2014