Where will Testify artists be this Saturday, November 12th 2016? Will they be nursing their election hangovers? Will they be planning their next tour schedule, choosing their new lear jets or ¬†will they be in the studio with Steven Tyler laying down tracks for his new “Toys in the Hay Loft” album? No, they will be guest artists at the one and only 2016 Art City Music Fest songwriting slam!


Arriving at the crack of 9am for a play through, hammering out new songs all day, and performing them with songwriters from throughout the country for a performance that same night! That’s right, this is THE PRESSURE COOKER for aspiring songwriters to learn, write, perform and network with Testify, and National recording artists, accompanied by top session players. The challenge?¬†To CREATE ON THE SPOT HITS and PERFORM THEM THAT SAME NIGHT with people they’ve possibly never met!

Nuclear Songwriting at it’s finest…


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